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Endangered Species

The exhibit Endangered Species displayed an image of a Numbat & Bilby. The work is carefully depicted and embroidered by Tara Badcock over locally designed and eco-printed base cloth designed by The Circle of Designers’ – Anjum Olmo & Philippa Wilkinson. The hemp and organic base cloth, hand printed in Australia with eco dyes beautifully illustrates the underlying issue of the shrinking textile industry in Australia. It makes an alarming statement about the how the environment and textiles industry could be overlooked or even forgotten in time.

Not all the exhibits are of such a ‘hand done’ nature but the overall theme is about opening your eyes to things that are right in front of you or that might not be available in the coming years. Why would we want to import all our fabrics from off shore design houses when there are professional designers and expertise right here.

It’s time our leading interior designers, residential and commercial, starting believing in the local talent as well. The success and continued creativity of our textile designers, lies firmly in the hands of the interior design professionals.