About Us

The independent textile designers include; Sophie Seeger, Vikki Turton, Philippa Wilkinson, Kasia Jacquot, Anjum Olmo

Circle of designers stands for the union of art, design and sustainability.

The designers who participate can easily produce some textile products & be part of a range if they only have one design or if they have many designs whilst also raising their profile.

The growing & changing circle of designers come from different creative backgrounds including – interior design, graphic design, visual art, photography, industrial design, jewellery design; to a commercial gallery curator. The textile designer for interior & fashion houses makes it possible for individuals to create some textile pieces to add to their repertoire.

The result is that each designer brings a signature look and feel to their independent fabric range which creates a wonderful variety and arty signature to the fashion range.

The dynamic & growing group meets through art and textile exhibitions; and where they source their hemp and organic base cloths.

Philippa Wilkinson

Philippa is the designer behind the established textile design company, Pip Willy. Her sustainable fabrics are represented by the Emily Ziz Style Studio and has been immersed in commercial textile design for over 14 years. Philippa is a COFA graduate and it is her Fine Arts background, her keen eye for detail, her sensitivity in line work and her printing expertise that has been the driving force in her textile work.

Oya Demirbilek

Oya Demirbilek, is an Industrial Designer & Associate Professor at the school of the Built Environment UNSW. Her Turkish heritage & European upbringing influence her work including her 2D/3D jewellery beading work. Oya’s jewellery shapes reflect the natural – as well as sacred geometric patterns & structures, cultural & spiritual symbols. Her design philosophy is to create simple, useful, beautiful & easily reproducible objects.

Danielle Kojic

Danielle Kojic is a Graphic Designer/Brand Consultant who is also compelled to paint. After completing her first painting classes post graphic arts college she was immediately accepted to be hung at the Mosman Art Award. The experienced way she uses paint comes naturally & straight from her centre.

Claudia Owen

Claudia Owen is an extremely energetic and prolific surface designer who is based in the ACT. Her vibrantly coloured & mostly geometric inspired patterns COVER a phlethora of different objects. Claudia believes that interesting patterns can transform even the most everyday object & circle of designers agrees wholeheartedly.
Anjum Olmo’s recognisable henna-inspired motifs lend themselves to patternmaking. Anjum Olmo has a passion for all things handmade from designing screenprinted textiles, wallpaper and handmade cards.“Bold and stripped back” is a phrase that best describes Anjum’s designs. Her mission is always to think of the environment, which is where she draws her creative inspiration.

Sophie Seeger

Mulga shadows is proving to be a very popular design for Sophie. She is the principle designer behind the creative company, Seeger By Design. Sophie is an established artist and interior designer in her own right; and likes to collaborate with other creatives. Having run a commercial art gallery; Sophie brings her curator’s eye to each creative project.

Vikki Turton

Vikki combines her creative skills and formal training of the creative arts & history of art into strong classical design elements. Vikki is passionate about the environment – how the micro impacts on the macro.  In 2013 she exhibited at Damien Minton, Sydney and the Everglades, Historic House gallery, Leura. The motifs in her paintings resonate with woven shapes created in her willow sculptures in turn lending themselves to be adapted to art on fabric.

Melissa Von Bergner

Meli B, amongst many things, is a talented Photographer who has always worked successfully in the area of Graphic Design. Melissa has an insatiable appetite for observing the beauty & the world around her. Relentless in her pursuit of seeking out the non mundane she constantly surprises the viewer.

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