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Get set with a pattern

We have extended our range into all natural table linen. Our environmentally friendly hemp/organic cotton fabric is handprinted with water based dyes and can be used to enliven your space. Choose a colour to enhance a natural atmosphere for your home. Pictured here is an arrangement by PipWilly.

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Scarf Story

Circle of Designers has been making some natural silk scarves. Each pattern carries a design with a different artist’s story. There are neutral and blue grey colours to choose from which can be used to lift your outfit.

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The circle has added a new variety of eco zip purses in three sizes to their range. They are fully lined with hemp cotton using the best YKK zips naturally.  Choose the artists pattern of your choice for safe keeping.

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Eucalyptus bubbles, by Vikki Turton

Vikki Turton is an artist based in the Blue Mountains of NSW. Her latest design Eucalyptus bubbles is an example of her constant vitality and first hand exploration of the surrounding Australian environment. Her sketch book is bursting forth with new designs for clothing, accessories and all things cloth. The combination

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Inspiring each other

At the Damien Minton gallery some of the designers from the circle had a chance to push the boundaries of their textile visions. By exhibiting together it was a good way for designers from different artistic backgrounds to meet & discuss their creative ideas. Therefore Circle of Designers is a

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Circle of designers on display

The designers Anjum Olmo & Philippa Wilkinson put on a collective display at INTERWOVEN 2103. INTERWOVEN is the inspiring exhibition by the Design Institute of Australia that brings together a creative force of designers across textiles, fashion and art from QLD, NSW and Victoria where designers and artists across mediums have

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From the Australian bush studio

Circle of Designers has released the new colour ‘rainforest’ to the range. The latest green blends in appropriately with our all natural products. Circle of Designer’s has found the perfect studio space with just the right styling that can be used when the weather allows. Situated on a ridge in one

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Stylish hemp bags

Take a look at Circle of Designer’s practical range of classic eco bags. There is a wide range of styles including a tote, beach & shopping bag made from hemp fibres. The stylish range of bags includes a selection of different contemporary shapes & colours available with one sure to

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New Styles from ZEEGA

Circle of Designers is proud to announce their new collaboration with ZEEGA – Victoria. The Head designer behind ZEEGA , Kathy Subic brings over 30 years fashion experience to her finely made range of clothing. You just need to wear one of Kathy’s pieces to realise the cut & fit that only a bespoke

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Endangered Species

The exhibit Endangered Species displayed an image of a Numbat & Bilby. The work is carefully depicted and embroidered by Tara Badcock over locally designed and eco-printed base cloth designed by The Circle of Designers’ – Anjum Olmo & Philippa Wilkinson. The hemp and organic base cloth, hand printed in

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