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Guest Artist

Nicole Law has put her art onto scarves. Nicole is an impassioned drawer and mark marker who believes in the meditative and repetitive power of incrementally just doing work when you can, within the parameters of your life situation. Her palette revolves around the strong use of black and white and building

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Bags Bags Bags

We’ve been making bags from our hand designed hand printed patterns by Australian artists – yes – and lots of them. Tote bags – Shopping bags – Yoga bags. Made form Hemp, Hemp/Organic cotton blends all of our bags are more durable, washable and stylish than any of your existing

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Linen hues

Anjum Olmo designer from the Blue Mountains NSW has been busily adding to her art portfolio & repertoire of new work by creating a new series. Pictured here is the vibrant and raw depiction & her version of ‘Parsnips’. Such a beauty of organic shape & bright saturation of colour.

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Woven colour

What a glorious combination. The artist & designer Danielle Kojic has been experienting with her paintings on silk. See the silken textures of her oil paint brushstrokes rolling over the undulating surface of this sumptious nature fibre.

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North Island Collection

The ‘North Island’ collection is a group of six cushions, digitally printed with eco dyes on hemp/organic cotton and framed with charcoal hemp/organic cotton piping. Molly was an artist and naturalist who travelled around early last century staying with friends & family in the North Island of New Zealand carrying

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Geometric patterning

Nobody can stop the energetic Claudia Owen from creating her geometric inspirations. She has a vision to change the way we see a surface & in turn creates her lively & colourful creations which are a delight to wear. Her designs on silk are exquisite observations of light & shape.

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Picture perfect

In our most recent photoshoot the very delicate watercolour work of artist Vikki Turton is highlighted. The piece is called ‘Estuary’ which resonates with the reflections & light on the water in the background of this scene. These handpainted effects in shades of blue make this coverup garment an instant

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The creative process

Each designer works in their own design practise so it is always very productive to meet up exchange our ideas. At our last creative get together we wore the scarves that we had been busily working on and took some photos. It is always a good comparison of technique and this time a celebration of the achievement

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Shimmering metallics

Breathable soft linen fabric with new metallic shades has arrived. See fresh botanical designs handprinted for spring/summer. ‘Spiky Sprigs’ – a drawing of the Australian native flowering shrub ‘philotheca’ ‘Fern Drops’ is part of the Akaysa coordinates range. both by PipWilly

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Industrial Designer works with silk

Circle of designers met the Industrial designer Oya Demirbilek when she was exhibiting her geometric jewels at the textiles & fashion exhibition INTERWOVEN. Oya has since branched out with her work into the medium of textiles. Oya’s design philosophy is to create objects that are delicate, simple, useful & easily

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