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Circle of Designers at Finders Keepers Markets Sydney

The launch of the first summer 2011/12 range from the ‘Circle of Designers’ at the Finders Keepers Art and Design markets went really well.

There was a wide range of patterns printed by hand on hemp and organic cotton cloth, made into original garments in Australia on display. Our new customers were very impressed with the use of the wonderful hemp base cloth, adapted in a more fashionable way than often seen in the past. Our A-Line skirts, paneled skirts, kaftan dresses, with coloured hemp tees/singlets and bags to coordinate were a hit with the Sydney Designer crowd.

Each designer brought a signature look and feel to their independent fabric range which created a wonderful variety and arty signature to the fashion range.

The colours of the season on display were Marmalade, Ocean, Ruby, Charcoal, Willow Green, Duck egg Blue. All the  designs were handprinted on the Hemp /organic cotton base cloth which comes in the colours stone, silver, charcoal, off white.

We received some orders to make up for specific tastes after the show.

The aim of the independent textile designers, is to create a dynamic artistic environment for designers to bring eco-friendly fashion products into the marketplace – respecting how things are made in the supply chain.

From the inception as a clothing enterprise, the label’s mission is to meet the best sustainable and ethical requirements. There are measures in place to meet these requirements:

From a human perspective we follow a slow philosophy of making fashion where we;

* Charge a realistic price for garments.

* Make timeless pieces that have longevity.

* Work directly with makers – not having them outsource to their people.

* Check working conditions and suppliers.

* Use earth-friendly materials where possible, saving on pesticides, water, and waste.

* Create  garments made of natural fibre, which only require gentle washing.

Our stock is now available from the Finders Keepers store, ‘Follow’ in Surry Hills.