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In Collaboration – with Tara Badcock


This year the textiles and fashion exhibition Interwoven will be held at The Damien Minton annex space Redfern, Sydney from the 5th – 8th June 2012. Interwoven offers designers and artisans the opportunity to present their work in a gallery context.

One of the most aesthetically appealing exhibits this year is ‘Endangered Species’ by Tara Badcock in collaboration with Circle of Designers.

Tara is a well known and distinctive Tasmanian artist who dedicates her time to making textile exhibits for a number of galleries throughout Australia. She has had many international artist residencies and her work has a uniquely ‘Australian’ message. Her techniques of drawing with gorgeous threads by using the sewing machine and by hand, really portrays her connection to the handcrafted medium. Tara succeeds in creating exquisite items that appeal to her audience whilst also sending the message about the fragile Australian environment. Everyone who admires Tara’s use of traditional methods would also appreciate the beauty in their execution.

After the Exhibition Tara’s evocative birds are available exclusively from Planet in Commonwealth Street, Sydney. These include endangered spieces – the Gouldian Finch and Hooded Plover on Sophie Seeger and Vikki Turtons’s base cloths. As well as the Stag Beetle on Kasia Jacquot’s ‘Halinka’.