Monthly Archives: April 2021

Capturing Light

Cade Turner is amongst a group of photographic Artists having an exhibition called the ‘Eye Level Collective’ in Sydney. Cade is described as a Romantic who uses the lens as his paintbrush to tell the story of light. He has a distinctly contemporary quality, nonetheless, just like the impressionists he wants to capture the changing nature of light itself. He has been interested in the emotions conjured from his work by the viewer rather than the object or scene itself. By working with the camera he records visual symphonies often in the form of strong colour abstractions. He has developed his all-in-camera technique painstakingly over 15 years and does not utilize photoshop to portray his unique sense of mood and surroundings. His work can can evoke mystery or impose grandeur. Cade has exhibited both locally and internationally and his work is held in private collections across Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Singapore and the USA.
Cade has translated a comprehensive group of photographs including his ‘Transition’ series into an exuberant range of art fabrics and scarves which can be viewed at – Exhibition No.1 Room 205, Oxford St 23 – 29 April 2021.