Interpreting Trees

Watercolour artist Ingrid Bowen is hanging her work alongside ceramicist Larissa Warren in an exhibition called ‘Scripted by Nature’ at Suki and Hugh Gallery Bungendore, 17th Aug – 29th Sept 2019. 

The artists are exploring the patterns, layers and synergetic cycle of regeneration between earth and forest. Working in ink & watercolour, Ingrid is fascinated with the interwoven narratives of people & place. She delves into the history and stories of the land to represent its ancient & rythmic beauty. 

‘This series explores the strength and fragility of our tree citizens. Unearthly beauty created by miraculous science, treeforms twist and reach skywards, while their roots anchor and draw from underground. Locked in an ancient exchange, earth and forest grow, decay and renew within a perfect synergetic cycle’

– Ingrid Bowen


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