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Guest Artist

Nicole Law has put her art onto scarves. Nicole is an impassioned drawer and mark marker who believes in the meditative and repetitive power of incrementally just doing work when you can, within the parameters of your life situation. Her palette revolves around the strong use of black and white and building up layers to create her […]

Bags Bags Bags

We’ve been making bags from our hand designed hand printed patterns by Australian artists – yes – and lots of them. Tote bags – Shopping bags – Yoga bags. Made form Hemp, Hemp/Organic cotton blends all of our bags are more durable, washable and stylish than any of your existing bags.

Linen hues

Anjum Olmo designer from the Blue Mountains NSW has been busily adding to her art portfolio & repertoire of new work by creating a new series. Pictured here is the vibrant and raw depiction & her version of ‘Parsnips’. Such a beauty of organic shape & bright saturation of colour. A natural textile design don’t […]

Woven colour

What a glorious combination. The artist & designer Danielle Kojic has been experienting with her paintings on silk. See the silken textures of her oil paint brushstrokes rolling over the undulating surface of this sumptious nature fibre.

Geometric patterning

Nobody can stop the energetic Claudia Owen from creating her geometric inspirations. She has a vision to change the way we see a surface & in turn creates her lively & colourful creations which are a delight to wear. Her designs on silk are exquisite observations of light & shape.

Colours and Designs of the season

Circle of Designers stands for the union of art, design and sustainability:- Take a look at some of the new skirts available:- Designs on Charcoal on Silver and Blue on offwhite Hemp /organic cotton. Mulga by Sophie – on a trip into Central Australia, she met the Mulga – a plant that provides significant resources to the […]