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Capturing Light

Cade Turner is amongst a group of photographic Artists having an exhibition called the ‘Eye Level Collective’ in Sydney. Cade is described as a Romantic who uses the lens as his paintbrush to tell the story of light. He has a distinctly contemporary quality, nonetheless, just like the impressionists he wants to capture the changing nature of light itself. He has been interested in the emotions conjured from his work by the viewer rather than the object or scene itself. By working with the camera he records visual symphonies often in the form of strong colour abstractions. He has developed his all-in-camera technique painstakingly over 15 years and does not utilize photoshop to portray his unique sense of mood and surroundings. His work can can evoke mystery or impose grandeur. Cade has exhibited both locally and internationally and his work is held in private collections across Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Singapore and the USA.
Cade has translated a comprehensive group of photographs including his ‘Transition’ series into an exuberant range of art fabrics and scarves which can be viewed at – Exhibition No.1 Room 205, Oxford St 23 – 29 April 2021.

Australian Design

Circle of Designers supports and nutures homegrown, local Australian Artists. All of our designs are created right here in Australia utilizing our wealth of talent and unique Australian vision. Circle of Designers is Australian owned. By grouping together we make it possible for Creatives to pass the textile production process over to us. This leaves Artists free to paint and designers free to design wonderful new creations. Every Artist has their own unique stamp for their design work. Uniquely Australian of course.

Snapshots of an Artisan

Meryl Blundell has a strong background in Design and has always been involved in the Visual Arts. She has an outstanding passion for textile and jewellery design. Her work is inspired by nature and her surroundings.
Meryl was given her first camera when she was in Primary school (we’re talking pre-digital phones) by her parents’. The new collection of scarves captures memories and stories from places which have caught her attention. The 5 themes are snapshots of her world.
My Parent’s garden – Artists statement
A 1920s bungalow in the Blue mountains set on three blocks of land which formed their seemingly modest garden. As an adult and taking more time to look after their garden, I started to see the details from my parents’ eyes. The fall of the land, the curves, the sandstone, the old trees and what the different seasons revealed. The scarves Blue Hydrangea, Green Hydrangea were designed to capture the feeling of the garden and it’s custodians.

Art Views

Australian Watercolour Artist Ingrid Bowen has been preparing for an exhibition at St Cloche Gallery. The body of work is called ‘Cadence’ and opens on 29thJuly 2020. Ingrid explains “It’s all about rhythmic patterns in the landscape, the landfall and tree lines cascading towards the horizon. It is intentionally calm in colour and composition, with the intention of giving a sense of release and refresh you feel standing in front of expansive view.” An online catalogue will be available on the Saint Cloche website. Ingrid reveals her unique personal relationship with the Australian landscape through her Art and also likes to share this special knowledge with others on tours that she runs. On her tours Ingrid supports Central Australian artists and ethically managed art centres, and Desart is the ultimate enabler.

Australian Content

Natalie Ryan is intoxicated with a love of Australian flora that is conveyed in her paintings. She is well known for her delightful contemporary illustrations including Kangaroo Paws, Wattles, Boronias, Banksias and Grevilleas. Natalie’s childhood love of Australian wildflowers was reignited after completing a botanical painting course at the Royal Botanical Gardens In Melbourne and now she continues her practise in her studio in central Victoria. Her studio, a 1900’s farmhouse with lace veranda is surrounded by a garden that she fills with new subject matter for her own textile ranges ‘Meander’. Previously Natalie Ryan worked in London, Sydney and Melbourne textile studios designing printed and woven fabrics for bed linen and soft furnishings where she developed her keen sense for beautiful products. Circle of Designers were delighted to assist Natalie in producing the scarf ‘Proteaceae’ which features a variety of watercolour Banksia and Grevillea leaf shapes on a very subtle pink blush surrounded by a border inspired by the underside of Banksia blechnifolia leaves. Everything Natalie does is so alluring and imbued with a passion for Australia.

Artist Life

The very talented Sydney based Artist Amanda Fuller is an accomplished still life and landscape painter. One of Amanda’s passions is the exploration of the tradition of vanitas which are historical works of art that depict symbols of the transience of life and death. Amanda has further investigated this theme of ephemera and decay in her extensive studio practise. The work ‘Bits and Pieces’ transposed onto a silk twill scarf explores Amanda’s fascination for natural objects and the passing of time.
Amanda is a full time painter with a background in the Arts and extensive experience in Art Education. Her most recent exhibitions include The Mosman Art Prize 2017, The Grace Cossington Smith prize for emerging artists and The Basil Sellars art prize finalist 2018, to name a few. She has also shown at The Other Art Fair 2018/19 and is represented by is represented by Bluethumb and Saatchi. Her next appearance is The Ravenswood Art Prize May 2020 and she is working towards a solo show with her father (sculptor) Terry Fuller at the Basil Sellars Exhibition Centre (BAS) in Moruya in November 2020.
Amanda is continuing to release her artwork on cashmere and silk scarves. They are an extra addition to her portfolio.

Limited Edition

Marilyn Reeman is influenced by sturdy construction and is drawn to the beauty of robust shapes and forms. Marilyn is both an Artist making textiles as well as an Interior Designer with a clear vision. She likes to create one off and limited edition textile pieces so recently teamed up with Circle of Designers. There is no mistaking that Marilyn Reeman’s contrasting neutral palette and her fine woollen scarves are a simply superb collection.

Mixed media

Mixed media artist Ally Bryan of ‘Coloured Space’ designs has always been inspired by her experience of the sea. Ally’s artworks are shaped by the energy and emotion she harnesses from her passion of the ocean and its surroundings. Ally captures vivid light and colour with her many applications of acrylic, watercolour and ink strokes. These three designs Abstract Plant’, ‘Sea Urchin Gems’ and ‘Transformations’ translated onto silk fabric make glorious scarves for Circle of designers don’t you think?
Recently Ally has been involved with a collaboration where she worked with Youth Off The Streets and Sally Mayman on the Northern beaches of Sydney. The exhibition launched on Nov 7th.

Clean Design

Circle of Designers is always working behind the scenes sourcing new qualities of natural fibre textiles to print your designs onto. We are also on the search for low impact GOTS certified dyes. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) sets the Oeko-Tex 100 which is an international certification process and eco-friendly. Generally low impact dyes […]