Why hemp is an ideal fabric for clothing

The quality of the fibre obtained from the hemp plant is what makes it outstanding against other natural fibres. Due to its length, (each fibre is as long as the plant itself up to five meters), it can be spun into very durable material. Hemp can be extruded to make a soft silk-like fibre or used to make the strongest ropes and canvasses.

Hemp is several times stronger than cotton, more resistant to abrasion and tears – and it’s more resistant to mildew, soiling, shrinkage and the deteriorating effects of the sun.

Modern technology can make hemp the most practical, environmentally- sensible textile on the planet. Hemp fabric is warm in winter, cool in summer, organic and blends easily with other textiles.

Hemp fabric breathes wonderfully against the skin; it washes well; and it lasts. Most importantly, hemp is kind to the environment.

Environmental benefits of hemp cultivation

Hemp's naturally creamy colour means no dioxins are needed in the production process
Hemp's naturally creamy colour means no dioxins are needed in the production process

Hemp’s natural creamy colour eliminates the need for chlorine bleach so that the toxin, dioxin, is not used. This eliminates the dumping of this toxic substance into our streams and oceans. Hemp is clean, both for the environment and the user.

Industrial hemp Cannabis Sativa L, also known as ‘Indian hemp’, is one of the oldest crops known to man. Its early uses were building materials, paper, textiles, fuel, food and medicine. Until the advent of synthetics, cannabis hemp was the standard fibre of the world.

Hemp is naturally resistant to insects, and being an efficient ‘smother crop’, there is little need for pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Hemp’s long tap root and nutritious qualities make it a natural for crop rotation. It feeds the soil and, in turn, rejuvenates and fertilizes the soil naturally while using only a modest amount of water.

In fact, hemp crops are being used in the outlaying regions of Chernobyl, in Ukraine, to leach out the radioactive. It can produce two to four times as much pulp per hectare as wood chipping, and deadly dioxins are not produced with hemp pulp as they are with wood pulp.

Hemp – truly a wonder crop and ideal for clothes, bags and other textile products.


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